Less than five years ago, game developers were building hundreds of thousands of disparate assets into a game. Today, that number has reached the millions. Next generation hardware will drive the number of assets into the stratosphere.

Today's build process will not be able to handle the demands of next-generation development. Without changes, build teams will experience drastic reductions of speed that will ultimately affect release dates and content quality.

That is where Qube! can help. By enabling teams to easily distribute builds across large clusters of inexpensive servers, Qube! can decrease build times by 10-20x without changing the existing build scripts or tools.

Qube! Benefits for Game Teams

Saves Money on Build Management:
Qube! saves the time and resources it takes to manage complicated build processing, such as provisioning machines as dedicated build hosts, manually re-partitioning the game build every time the number of build hosts increases, or manually load balancing the build machines.

Improves Productivity of the Entire Game Team:
By mitigating the challenges of build processing, Qube! increases hardware and personnel efficiencies. Load balancing minimizes downtime by ensuring that throughput, not machines, are maximized. In turn, these efficiencies allow programmers and artists to review their content more quickly, and get back to their creative tasks within seconds or minutes, not hours or days.

Improves Quality of the Content:
Less time spent on the build process and build management equates to more time spent on the tasks that ensure a better quality product. Faster build turn-around gives programmers and artists infinitely more time to work on improving their content. QA teams can test the product more regularly and find bugs earlier in the process. These improvements ultimately give the team more quality control and ensure that the market receives the quality product it expects.



Scott from PipelineFX reviews the Qube! GUI:





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