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On Saturday, April 9th Great Eastern will hold our third annual 3D Stimulus Day!

Lunch will be provided.

Location: Mt. Ida, Newton, MA

Time: 9:00am  - 5:00pm





Check-in & Coffee






Chad Moore, Turbine & Rigging Dojo






Alex Schwartz & Yilmaz Kiymaz

Owlchemy Labs




Lunch & Tradeshow Expo






Moderator: Chad Moore


Brandon Bateman, Turbine




Elliott Mitchell, Vermont Digital Arts

Farley Chery, Freelancer/Instructor

Justin Woodard, Turbine

Ryan Griffin, Turbine




Pipeline for Modeling Normal

Mapped Characters

Willem Van Der Schyf,

Tencent Boston




Snacks & Tradeshow Expo


Presentations this year include:

  • Chad Moore of Turbine and Rigging Dojo, with Job Hunting Tips for 3D Artists
  • Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz of Owlchemy Labs, presenting Mixing 2D and 3D in Unity
  • A panel-discussion with various tech artists from local game companies, mediated by Chad Moore
    • Ryan Griffin, Senior Character TD, Turbine
    • Elliott Mitchell, Vermont Digital Arts
    • Brandon Bateman, Senior Tech Artist, Turbine
    • Farley Chery, Instructor, ITT Institute and Bunker Hill Community College
    • Justin Woodard, Technical Artist, Turbine
  • Willem Van Der Schyf, Tencent Boston, presenting his Workflow for Character Creation using Max & ZBrush
  • Afternoon networking session upstairs with demos from local individuals and companies including Brass Monkey, Vermont Digital Arts, Owlchemy Labs, 3d Camera Technology, Mocap with Kinect and Motion Builder and lots more!!!


Please send any questions you would like addressed by the tech art panel to Heidi - anything you've wanted to know about tech art but haven't had six pros on a panel to answer your question?   Well, here's your chance!

Here's a link to last year's recap and photos!

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